Marquees have been around for many decades, but in the last ten years, they have been almost completely wiped out by the introduction of Stretch Tents. Did you know – the concept of Stretch Tents started in Cape Town, South Africa?

There are a number of reasons for the rise of the Stretch Tent and the fall of the Marquee – and we’ve listed a few of them here:

  • Price

The hiring of a Stretch Tent costs about half the amount of hiring a similar sized Marquee.

  • Looks

Stretch Tents are beautiful to look at, with their organic lines, flowing peaks, and elegant feel. They create a stunning, atmospheric space for an event. Marquees are a lot more formal, with their straight lines and uniform look.

  • Versatility

Marquees require a flat surface, in a square or rectangle shape, that is perfectly level for the marquee to be erected correctly. Stretch tents can be erected anywhere, in any space, and on almost any terrain. Stretch tents can also be set up around tree’s, and attached to walls of houses, where marquees cannot.

  • Efficiency

Marquees require a large team of riggers, a large truck to transport the tent, and many hours to set it up. Stretch Tents can be set up in an hour or two, with a small team, and can be transported in a normal bakkie, which is far better for the environment!


So when you are planning your next outdoor event, and have to make a choice between a stretch tent or a marquee, keep these points in mind! And remember, there is a reason why stretch tents have almost completely taken over the events market J