We all know the feeling – Winter has crept in, everyone huddles inside, and the outside garden area that was so loved and popular in the Summer months becomes unusable and all but forgotten. But what if you could change that – and create a magical, warm, and cosy space outside regardless of the weather?

Restaurants and Bars that offer a outdoors seating area – be it a deck, garden or courtyard – are often faced with the decision to either forego the extra trade and revenue generated by that space in Winter, or to invest in a permanent structure to insulate the space in the colder months. The problem with the former is no-one wants to lose their space when the weather turns, and the problem with the latter are as follows:

  • Installing a permanent or semi-permanent structure is very costly, and needs to be paid in full before installation.
  • When Summer comes and the structure is no longer useful, it needs to be dis-assembled, which again costs money.
  • After removal it becomes the restaurants problem to store the structure until the following Winter.
  • The restaurant needs to clean and maintain the structure.

Stretch Inc, always ahead of the pack, has a solution for restaurants and bars this winter:


We are offering restaurants and bars across the Western Cape a solution to this dilemma with our Monthly Tent Rentals.

This is how it works: We measure up your outside area and advise on a tent that will suit your needs. We set the tent up at your venue free of charge, and equip the tent with fairy lights, atmospheric up-lights, as well as a large gas heater to ensure the space is warm, cosy, and inviting. If there are any issues with the tent whatsoever we offer a free call-out service, and once the sun comes out again in September, we’ll be there to take the tent down and bring it back to our warehouse. All this for one low monthly rental cost! Our monthly tent rentals work on a month-to-month basis, meaning you are not tied in to a contract, and if you feel its not working out for you, we’ll come and take the tent down, no problem.

See the table below for info on sizing, seating capacity, and pricing – and give our office a call on 0218204783 or drop us a message here if you have any queries!

Tent Size Capacity (seated guests) Extra’s included Total Monthly Cost
5m x 7.5m 15 pax 30m Fairy Lights,  Patio Heater

LED up-lights x2

R4 500
6m x 9m 25 pax 40m Fairy Lights, Patio heater

LED up-lights x2

R6 000
10m x 7.5m 30 pax 40m Fairy Lights, Patio Heater

LED up-lights x2

R7 000
9m x 12m 50 pax 60m Fairy Lights, Patio Heater x2

LED up-lights x3

R8 000
10m x 15m 75 pax 60m Fairy Lights, Patio Heater x2

LED up-lights x4

R10 000
15m x 18m 100-130 pax 100m Fairy Lights, Patio Heater x2

LED uplights x6

R15 000