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Great additions to your Tent Rental


So you’ve chosen your bedouin tent, now its time to pimp your tent out with some awesome additions. You could making use of our beautiful LED lighting to create that magical atmosphere, or hire some all-white cocktail or lounge furniture. Maybe you’d like to protect your lawn from dancing feet with our event flooring or dance floor platform, or if its cold, grab a few gas heaters to create that warm, inviting, cosy space? Whatever your tastes, whatever your theme, and whatever your style, we have something for you.


Our charity is growing


Our charity initiative – the Stretch Kitchen – has taken off so beautifully. We host the pop-up soup kitchen every wednesday evening in Cape Town, in the McKenzie Street park. It’s great seeing how many people and companies have come forward to offer their help – our team is growing all the time and together we are doing good things.

One huge help we’ve received has been from Guy Thorp, who owns Spar Kloof Street. He’s taken over the sourcing of the food as well as the making of the soup! Each week he presents something delicious, different, and nutritious, asking for nothing more than the enjoyment of seeing hungry people fed.

The great guys from Cape Cup give us boxes of bio-degradable cups to serve our soup in, and we have a great team of volunteers offering their time every Wednesday evening to help out and hang out with our homeless community, and just make it an enjoyable evening for everybody – Its really rewarding seeing friendships being built.

Thanks to all our volunteers who give of their time, week after week, to keep this initiative alive 🙂

Stretch Kitchen – Our Charity

Its cold outside.

And things were a bit quiet in the Stretch Inc office. So we thought: Maybe its time for a random act of kindness? We figured we’ve got the tent, we’ve got gas cookers and utensils from setting up Afrikaburn, and we’ve got a whole team of amazing people with good hearts and a lot of energy — So why not do something cool as a group?

And just like that, the idea of Stretch Kitchen came to life.

It didnt take long to find a great soup recipe full of all the goodness needed to keep a hungry tummy fed, a good location in the city bowl to set up our pop-up soup kitchen, and a few quick phone calls found solutions to our other needs.

On Wednesday 08 July we launched the Stretch Kitchen on the corner of Canterbury and Constitution Streets, and handed out our first 75 bowls of hot and healthy soup – We all knew instinctively that something amazing had been started. As our patrons left with smiles on their faces and bellies full of food, we packed up, had a chat, and decided unanimously to make Stretch Kitchen a weekly endeavor.

Our thanks goes out to all those who made this possible – Knead Bakery for generously sponsoring boxes and boxes of delicious bread, our good friend Adrian and his awesome company NDE for sponsoring our lighting, generators, and a helping hand, and not to mention all the members of the Stretch Inc crew who willingly gave their time into the night… You guys! Rockstars!

…Cant wait for next week!

Small Business of the Year Award 2013 – Nomination

Small Business of the Year Award  2013 - NominationThese guys Rock !! I recently was let down by a ” Big Name ” hire company and in scrambling around came across Dan Meyer at Stretch Inc. From the get go the experience was different – He was happy to meet with me on site after hours arrived on time and the quote was again received within an hour of his being at my home. The large hire company missed the 1st appointment and arrived 1 hr late and then proceeded to tell me in 3 mins that no one would be able to provide the small tent / canopy for the space I had in mind. Impossible he said and without any suggestions.

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