Event Flooring

Whether you’re wanting to conceal that patch of garden where the grass refuses to grow, or to protect the lawn from getting trampled by your dancing guests, or just to make your event look ultra-stylish, our flooring is the perfect choice.


Our patented event flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it compliment your tent and make it look awesome, but it is great at protecting your grass too. Our event flooring is 5cm high, with a lattice structure underneath. What this means is that the event flooring settles into the grass and provides a solid feeling under foot, whilst not crushing the grass at all. There are small holes built into the flooring to allow the grass to breath, as well as acting as a drainage system for water.

Our event flooring is modular, which means its made up of lots of little pieces that clip together. The reason this is a good thing, is that it allows us to lay the floor in any shape, and work around obstacles.

If your lawn is prone to getting soggy or retaining water when it rains, this event flooring is perfect. Our event flooring is great for preventing guests walking into your house with muddy shoes by keeping your event floor dry. Aside from making your event look gorgeous and concealing any bald-spots on your lawn, our event flooring allows guests to walk with high heels, regardless of the terrain.


Our event flooring has a turf-protection layer – making sure your grass remains perfect throughout the event.

Uneven Surfaces

Our flooring is lay-of-the-land, meaning it can be used on uneven surfaces.

Firm Floors

Great for use where guests will be in high heels, and needing a firm floor.

Cover Soft Ground

Great for soft ground, to prevent chair legs sinking into the ground.

Flexible Design

Our flooring can be set up in any shape.


Great for use as walk-ways, dance floors, and general flooring.

Event Flooring
Event Flooring
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