Pool Cover Decks

We temporarily cover swimming pools with a unique wooden deck to increase your usable space for your event.


We put up lots of tents at peoples houses for private events. We often see there is a swimming pool, taking up a lot of room in the garden. For an event, the pool isn’t a useful thing, so we have come up with a way to temporarily cover pools with our unique pool cover decks.

Our pool cover decks are sturdy and strong, and designed for guests to sit, stand, and walk on. You would be amazed at how much bigger your outside area appears when the swimming pool is transformed into usable space.

As with everything else we do, our pool cover decks are always neat, clean, and stylish looking. We paint the deck fresh for each event, so it always looks brand new. The widest pool cover decks we can do are 4m – anything wider than that becomes unsafe. Also note that we don’t allow the deck to be used as a dance floor – only for seating / standing guests.

Max 4m Wide

Our decks can cover swimming pools up to a maximum of 4 meters wide.

Additional Space

Our decks can be used for additional seating space, standing space, or lounge areas.

Compliments Existing Space

You will be amazed at how much bigger your space feels when the pool is covered with a deck.


Our decks are available in black, with white edging.

Clean & Neat

Our decks are clean, neatly built, and freshly painted for each event.

Available Only with Tents

Our pool cover decks are only available as an addition to your tent, we do not rent them out on their own.

Pool Cover Decks
Pool Cover Decks
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Pool Cover Decks
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