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A Stretch of the Imagination

A Guide to Stretch Tent hire

So you have an event coming up, and you’re thinking you might need to hire a stretch tent. There’s no need to be daunted – for the most part it’s a fairly straight forward process! There are a few things you should know first, to make the process a bit easier and ensure you get good value for money.

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Stretch Tents vs. Marquees

Marquees have been around for many decades, but in the last ten years, they have been almost completely wiped out by the introduction of Stretch Tents. Did you know – the concept of Stretch Tents started in Cape Town, South Africa?

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Why home events are killing venue hire



Thinking about hosting your event at home? Good call. With our state of the art bedouin tents we create gorgeous environments out of any outside area, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a venue. A bedouin tent rigged over your garden or courtyard gives your get-together a feeling of sophistication that wont be easily forgotten. And during these cold Winter months, our 100% waterproof bedouin tents are the perfect solution to any home event, in ANY weather.


Picture this scenario – You’re celebrating a special occasion. Maybe it’s your birthday, your anniversary, or just a get-together at home. You want to do something different but not sure what. You want to entertain in style but your house isn’t big enough to accommodate all your guests comfortably, or maybe your garden is looking particularly good at the moment and you’d love to show it off. But who knows what the weather will do that day? This is Cape Town after all! We have a solution for you.


Here at Stretch Inc we love a reason to celebrate. Any reason. Our whole company is set up to provide a beautiful venue, in any outside space. Our tents are clean and 100% waterproof, and can go anywhere. We position our LED up-lights to light up your trees, plants and walls. We string warm globed LED fairy lights through out the tent to give you a fairy-tale atmosphere in your new garden venue. We have flooring to protect your grass, pool covers to extend your usable space, and cocktail and lounge furniture to add that something extra. Our team is works neatly and efficiently and in a short time your tent is up and we’ve transformed your outside area into an absolutely gorgeous space. Regardless of the elements. It’s what we do. Its what we’re famous for.


Wrong. We keep our overheads low by running our bedouin tent business with care and intelligence, and pass those savings on to you. We’re proud to say that of our main competitors, we’re by far the most affordable. Give our office a call or fill out our contact form, and we’ll send one of our space optimization experts around in a jiffy to meet you, measure up your garden, and have a quote to you in no time at all. Our great pricing  gets us clients, but it’s our efficiency that keeps them.



Monthly Tent Rentals

We all know the feeling – Winter has crept in, everyone huddles inside, and the outside garden area that was so loved and popular in the Summer months becomes unusable and all but forgotten. But what if you could change that – and create a magical, warm, and cosy space outside regardless of the weather?

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