Stretch Tents

Our tents combine beauty with functionality. Stretch tents both create a sophisticated, gorgeous and atmospheric space, as well as protecting your event from all weather conditions.


Stretch tents can transform any outside area into a beautiful and atmospheric venue. We can turn the most basic of gardens into a magical, sophisticated space for entertaining and impressing your guests. Add some lighting to really create the ‘wow’ factor and leave a lasting impression.

Our tents can be set up anywhere, from beaches to gardens, over swimming pools, and even on rooftops and concrete spaces. With our teams extensive experience in rigging these tents across cape town and the UK, we are confident that we can set up a tent just about anywhere.

Contact us today to find out how we can transform your space into a beautiful venue.

Clean Setup

Our tents are always clean, neat, and beautifully set up.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on exceptional service and competitive pricing structures.


Our tents add style to weddings, private functions, and corporate events.


All our tents are fully waterproof, fire retardant, and wind resistant.

Flexible Setup

Our tents can be set up virtually anywhere – from beaches to concrete courtyards.

Impeccable Safety

Stretch Inc has an impeccable safety record, and over 15 years’ rigging experience.

Stretch Tents
Stretch Tents
Our Services


Stretch Tents
Stretch Tents
A tent for every occasion.
We can enhance any space.
Stretch Tents
Lighting Solutions
Lighting to bring your tent to life.
And creates the perfect atmosphere.
Stretch Tents
Tent Accessories
Furniture to add a touch of class.
Heaters for those cold Winter nights.
Stretch Tents
Event Flooring
Flooring for any surface.
We’re always covering new ground.
Stretch Tents
Dance Floors
Black and White dance floors.
To get your party grooving.
Stretch Tents
Pool Covers
A deck over your swimming pool.
Extend the space for your function.
Stretch Tents
Current Specials
Tent, lighting, and gas heater packages.
Stretch Tents
Our Charity
Our weekly feeding initiative.
We give back to our community.